I’m so honored that you are here.

I am Audra, a creative soul and wedding photographer who loves capturing beautiful memories and joyful moments on film. Inspired by love and nature, I am passionate to tell stories by capturing life’s fleeting moments. I seek  to create work that remains classic and authentic, true family heirlooms to pass down to generations to come.

With my husband Thijs by my side on this journey, I’ll travel near and far to tell your story. We’re a team in our lives and in our work, and we communicate seamlessly, capturing your day from two unique perspectives. Please explore our work and reach out, I’d love to get to know you and be your wedding photographer no matter where your journey takes you.

With love,


about Audra Wrisley, wedding photographer in Washington DC who specializes in fine art film photography




My passion for storytelling and creating meaningful, beautiful images has led me to photograph weddings and families, and I feel so grateful to have found a path that unifies both worlds. I first fell in love with photography during childhood when I borrowed my Dad’s 35mm Minolta camera and began photographing the flowers, butterflies and clouds around my house; the process of slowing down, catching the right moment, and then waiting for the little roll of film to be developed was such a magical process. I followed my heart and continued to study fine art photography in art school, solidifying my foundation in photography and art. I loved diving headfirst into a world of concepts, composition, light and learning how to connect with your subject- whoever that may be. At the time, I never thought I’d be a wedding photographer but instead assisted fashion photographers in New York City during several seasons of fashion week, and continued on to study art direction in Barcelona, where I planned to work in the editorial realm.

Upon returning to Washington DC from Spain, I photographed a wedding for a family friend and realized what an incredible privilege it is to capture one of the most special days; celebrating love while surrounding ourselves with nearly everyone that’s near and dear to us.

Connecting with people and creating meaningful work, was something I never found to be lasting in the fashion scene, and in documenting love and families, I’ve truly found my purpose. I find weddings to be challenging, exhilarating and so rewarding, and I call upon my education and experience to capture beautiful moments and memories for my clients. While I may guide you to stand in amazing light, tweak your hand placement or make you laugh to loosen up a bit, I also love the part of shooting weddings where I can capture moments naturally unfolding and you’ll never notice I’m there! For me, photographing weddings is a fusion of editorial photography, fine art photography, and journalism, and a perfect blend of all the things I love.

I style and photograph your details with the attention of a fine art still life, and I’ll give you enough direction during your portraits to make your images polished, natural and editorial-level gorgeous. During the ceremony and reception, you’ll never know I’m there, as I’m catching your friends joyful with happy tears, toasting to your new married life together, and dancing with you into the wee hours. I’m committed to capturing the moments that you’ll hang on your walls for generations to come, while continuously staying inspired to create beautiful photographs from my heart.

  • Audra

  • Audra is a wedding photographer and portrait photographer in Washington DC and Northern VA. A lover of art, ice cream, and Kodak film, not necessarily in that order. Audra can and will read books for days, ideally on a sunny beach. Audra loves being a mama to sweet baby Nádine, and enjoys passing down her love of the outdoors and playing on the swings. She is always dreaming up a creative project, from making soy wax candles to refinishing vintage furniture.
  • Garcia

  • Barcelona native, Spanish speaking, master cuddler and overall mental support giver. Garcia is easily as sweet as he looks. New BFF to Nádine, and master toy stealer, although he insists Nádine doesn't mind. Although he doesn’t attend weddings often, he’s always there in thought.
  • Thijs

  • The Amsterdam-born Yang to Audra’s Ying. Thijs (pronounced “Tice”) is a people person with a need to always be on the move. Thijs's photography foundation has a journalistic approach, which brings a unique documentary perspective to photographing weddings. He's a master playmate to Nádine with the best tricks to make her laugh, and he hopes she's inherited his soccer skills. When not second shooting, he enjoys watching late night documentaries, sports, and planning the next travel adventure.