“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.”

      – Unknown

      All the stars aligned to create your beautiful new baby, and it’s the most humbling experience to capture these first moments now that you are getting to know each other. As a Washington DC newborn photographer I treasure catching glimpses of magic between you and your newborn, from the swooning glance in your eyes to the teeny wiggling toes on your baby’s feet. Below you may find a few words on my favorite way to photograph theses sessions, and I would love for you to contact me with any questions you may have.

      My favorite sessions as a Washington DC newborn photographer are in the familiar setting of your home, that serve as the ideal backdrop for newborn sessions. It is often too early to be outside for longer periods of time, and these shoots should really feel like a snuggle fest from start to finish. Being at home for these sessions makes your new family most comfortable and relaxed, which helps reflect the intimate love you and your new addition have for each other.

      The best time for newborn photos is usually a week or two after your little one is born, and depending on time of year, the natural light in your home, (and nap times for possible siblings!) sessions often take place in the morning or afternoon.

      I’d love to hear from you and get to know your story, so please reach out.

      Recent Newborn Sessions

      “When our baby was born, it almost felt like my heart shattered into a few giant pieces. The love you have just explodes and you don’t have anywhere else to contain it. It doesn’t leave you, but you live with a piece of your heart beating outside of you and it’s raw. You can’t contain it or control it, but nevertheless it is just as much a part of you. His smile, his toes, his little eyebrow expressions, his babbles, the way he smiles and pulls on my shirt to nurse, his soft hair, his contagious curiosity – each little part of him breaks off and becomes this extra beating heart of mine. These pictures pick up all these little pieces and put them on paper. You put them together for me to see how wonderfully lucky and full of love my life is. I knew it before but it’s there now, locked in time. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you – maybe one day it will. Thank you. I just love them.”

      – A.G.

      Newborn Sessions

      Although I am a newborn photographer based in Northern VA, I photograph sessions throughout Virginia, Washington DC &  Maryland, and travel often to cities along the east coast for newborn sessions. Please contact the studio for a consultation to learn more about newborn sessions, and to reserve your date.