Java, Indonesia

Today’s images come all the way from Java, Indonesia, and make up part 1 of 2 of this series from our Indonesian adventures this summer. My husband Thijs and I decided to take a long-awaited trip to Indonesia this summer, as it’d been 20 years since he’d visited the Southeast Asian group of amazing islands. Although he’s Dutch and born and raised in a city just outside of Amsterdam, his Father’s roots lie in a small group of islands in Indonesia and the culture is deeply ingrained in his life. Shortly after the family’s last trip there 20 years before, his Father passed away, and it’s been on his heart to return ever since.

We spent 3 weeks traveling in Indonesia, yet there is so much more to explore, and we’re already  looking forward to another trip to visit the family’s island of Maluku. For this visit, we began in Jakarta, arriving in the middle of the night. We got a few hours of sleep on the 36th floor of an AirBnb, and awoke to the most amazing sunrise over the city of skyscrapers, slums, and everything in between. After a few days of exploring the Dutch-influenced colonial districts of Jakarta, we traveled to Yogyakarta and got a taste for authentic Indonesia. Renowned for Javanese style wood carved furniture, batik print fabrics, colorful Indonesia bikes, rice fields and the amazing Borobudur and Prambanan temples. A day or so into the trip, we rented a scooter and were able to cruise around with the locals, exploring and taking in all the new sights and smells.

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Film Processing & Scanning: Richard Photo Lab

Destination Film Photographer: Audra Wrisley

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Borobudur Temple

Prambanan Temple

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