Italy & Croatia Travel Photos

In light of the Indian Summer we are lucky enough to have each year, I’m excited to share our Italy & Croatia travel photos from last summer. We took a trip through Venice, Bergamo, Lake Garda, Trieste in Italy and then through the beautiful Croatian coast of Istria. This region of Croatia is filled with a similar Mediterranean palette of colors and atmosphere, probably because it used to be a part of Italy at some point during it’s vivid and tumultuous history. I’ve decided to share these destinations together, although very different cultures, languages and borders separate them today, I love how imagery can bring them together and celebrate their rich and historic similarities. Photographing travel on film is one of my favorite parts about using film as my medium; it takes several weeks to see the images. During that time period, I love soaking in the cultures, food, beaches and new experiences and really living in the moment; instead of worrying about Instagram posts and editing digital images that were just taken seconds before. For me, it’s a wonderful mental break, and when the film scans come rolling in, it’s like Christmas morning as I can relive the trips all over again.

A selection of these images are available for purchase in our Fine Art Print Shop.

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Fine Art Film Destination Photographer: Audra Wrisley

Film Processing & Scanning: Richard Photo Lab



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