Engagement Photo Tips with Blue Nile

Recently we were interviewed by Blue Nile, on some of my favorite engagement photo tips for taking the most amazing photos during your session. Being engaged is such an amazing time, but it flies by- engagement sessions are a perfect way to slow things down and capture this sweet time.

Audra Wrisley, a fine art film photographer based in Washington DC & Amsterdam agrees: “Engagements are such a special time but it all goes by so quickly. Taking photos provides a unique opportunity to have stunning images of you and your fiancé captured in your favorite locations. These are all things that you won’t necessarily have time for on the wedding day itself.”


Use it as a warm-up for the big day

Engagement photo shoots are also a great practice run for your wedding day. “Many of our couples love doing engagement sessions as a warm up for the real thing,” says Audra Wrisley.

“When the wedding day rolls around, the last thing we as photographers want you thinking about is posing or camera-jitters. An engagement session will help build your relationship with your photographer and become comfortable in front of the camera so that you’ll be fully able to focus on celebrating your big day,” she explains.



Lighting can make or break your shoot

Lighting can make great photos into incredible ones according to Audra Wrisley. “Usually the best times for photos are an hour or two after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset, depending on the location. Sunrise sessions can be so dreamy, even if it involves a little extra coffee to make it happen.”



Don’t overthink your posing

Most of us are not professional models and posing in front of the camera may not come naturally. Thankfully, a good photographer will be able to provide direction and put you both at ease.

“I always tell my couples to not think about posing for photos, I’ll take care of that,” says Audra Wrisley. “I love giving enough direction to couples so that they don’t feel awkward, but keeping things light and fun with lots of movement and extra close snuggles,” she says.

Finally, Audra Wrisley says there’s no such thing as too close for photos. “I’m always telling my couples, lean in more, a little more, super close,” so get ready to snuggle up!

No two couples are exactly alike, so choosing images from Pinterest with specific poses never works out as you plan, says Audra Wrisley: “Although it makes sense to brainstorm on how you’re visualizing your gorgeous session, being too set on specific shots always means that you’re missing out on the magic happening if you let it unfold naturally,” she says.



Things to avoid when taking photos of your engagement

Having professional engagement photos taken is an investment, so it’s important to spend some time planning and researching your shoot. Our experts share some common mistakes to avoid.

Working with a photographer you don’t connect with

This is probably the biggest mistake couples can make. Choosing a photographer you don’t click with and who doesn’t share your vision can end in huge disappointment.

“Choose a photographer that speaks to you,” says Audra Wrisley. “If you can see yourself in their portfolio and you feel a connection during the consultation, that’s a great sign.


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