Aruba Travel Photos

Today as I’m dreaming about warmer weather, and I’m excited to share these Aruba travel photos, photographed on film. In February, Matthijs and I were lucky enough to escape some of that winter weather here on the East coast, and take a little vacation to Aruba! We had some stored up credits from United Airlines from a delay a year ago, and we wanted to make the most out of a trip and planned for a sunny destination. Matthijs had always wanted to visit one of the Dutch islands, and honestly- we picked Aruba since we’d be spending less time on the plane, and on more time on the beach! This is one of the first vacations I’ve ever blogged- mainly because I only brought my Contax & 35mm cameras with me- and only photographed film the whole trip. I hope you enjoy a slice of the ‘island life’!

A number of images from this series are available to purchase in print in our Fine Art Print Shop.

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Contax 645 & Nikon F6

Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Aruba Travel Photographer: Audra Wrisley

captured with heart