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      Timeless, Authentic, Joyful


      I’m so honored that you are here.

      I am Audra, a creative soul who discovered the lens as an outlet for the voice of my imagination.

      Inspired by love and nature, I am passionate to tell stories by capturing the beauty and grace of life’s fleeting moments.

      In a world in that evolves so rapidly, I seek to create work that stands the test of time.

      With my husband Thijs by my side on this journey, I’ll travel near and far to tell your story.

      So please explore my work and reach out, I’d love to get to know you.

      With love,



      Although she’d much rather focus on you and let her images speak for themselves, she understands it is important that you can also catch a glimpse of what she’s all about. Audra Wrisley is one of Washington DC’s most esteemed wedding photographers, with almost a decade of professional experience capturing love. After a few years living abroad, she and Thijs have made their home just outside of Washington, DC. Audra is always planning new creative projects and seeks beauty in unexpected places. Her background in art and photography began in the darkroom during her fine art photography studies in college, and her creative perspective has grown with each passing experience. Working on the fashion photography scene in New York City and studying art direction in Barcelona, her style fuses an editorial approach with photojournalism, capturing moments rich with emotion and authenticity.

      about Audra Wrisley, Washington DC fine art film wedding photographer

      Meet the team

      • Audra

      • A lover of art, ice cream, and Kodak film, not necessarily in that order. Audra can and will read books for days, ideally on a sunny beach with a drink in hand. She is always dreaming up a creative project, from making soy wax candles to refinishing vintage furniture.
      • Garcia

      • Barcelona native, Spanish speaking, master cuddler and overall mental support giver. Garcia is easily as sweet as he looks. Although he doesn’t attend weddings often, he’s always there in thought.
      • Thijs

      • The Amsterdam-born Yang to Audra’s Ying. Thijs (pronounced “Tice”) is a people person with a need to always be on the move. When not second shooting, he enjoys watching late night documentaries, sports, and planning the team’s next travel adventure.





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